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Nada's Story:

Nada had to immigrate from her home Syria because of war. She came from Jordan to Pittsburgh in 2016. Nada is married and has three boys and one girl. One of her boys was born in US. Unfortunately leaving Syria for Nada meant leaving her family back home as well. After getting her citizenship this year, Nada was able to visit her family for the first time since she has left. Nada chose to prepare kibbeh since she had fond memories of preparing it with her mother. She only likes to cook Damascus food as that’s her favorite and she wants to share the rich flavors with everyone. In Syria, Kibbeh is frequently prepared for guests. Syrians enjoy this well-known meal and Nada wanted to share it with others so they can experience a bit of Syrian culture. She aspires to open her own restaurant and eventually sell all or a portion of Syrian food.


About the Dish:

One of the most well-known and delectable appetizers to ever come from the Levant is kibbeh al-Bulgur. I want to serve this dish to everyone so that they can see the variety of flavors and nutrients. The incredible spices in this meal are what set it apart from other meat appetizers and make it so delightful.


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