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Fariha's Story

Fariha Sharafee Profile Photo.jpg

Fariha's story is a remarkable testament to the strength and resilience of the human spirit, and it's a shining example of how ANSAR strives to make a meaningful difference in the lives of those we serve. Born in Afghanistan, Fariha's life took a dramatic turn after August 15, 2021. Her father's association with a US government-funded hospital compelled her family to leave everything behind - their home, friends, and Fariha's aspirations to become a dentist. With her parents and eight siblings, Farhia embarked on a daunting journey to Pittsburgh, carrying little else but hope for a better future.​

ANSAR recognized the immediate needs of Fariha's family. We provided them temporary accommodation in a hotel while securing low-income housing. Our commitment extended beyond basic needs; we were determined to ensure that Fariha and her siblings received the education and support necessary to thrive in their new environment.


​Despite limited English proficiency upon arrival, Fariha displayed unwavering resolve. Enrolled in Job Corps, she quickly improved her language skills and chose to pursue a Medical Assistance Course. Her dedication was evident in her rapid progress, and by Summer 2023, she had successfully completed the intensive 8-month course. Fariha's journey reached a significant milestone when she received a job offer from UPMC Magee-Womens Hospital of Pittsburgh. This opportunity was not just a job; it was the first step towards realizing her lifelong dream of a career in the medical field. Her hard work and perseverance had begun to pay off.​


Today, Fariha is not just working as a Medical Assistant; she is also furthering her education in an Associate Nursing Program. Furthermore, she also dedicates her time to volunteering with us at ANSAR on the weekends. Her story is a powerful reminder that with support, steadfast commitment, and access to the right resources, dreams can be transformed into reality. Farhia's story is more than a success; it's a beacon of hope and inspiration. It highlights the impact of ANSAR's commitment to providing comprehensive support to immigrants, helping them integrate, and flourish in their new communities. Fariha's journey from a young girl in Afghanistan to a medical professional in Pittsburgh underscores our belief that every individual has the potential to overcome challenges and achieve greatness, regardless of their background.

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