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Muslimah's Story:

I am from Afghanistan. Because the Taliban took over my country and our lives weren't safe, I had to arrive in the United States on August 23, 2021. Ten members of my family and I share a home. Unfortunately, I had to leave my parents and my siblings behind. I chose to make Ai- Khanoum because it is a widely consumed dish in my country, particularly in my city. Eating this meal makes me think about Afghanistan and all the memories I had shared with family and friends. In our gatherings, we prepare this food like holidays and reunions. when sharing this meal with others I want people to be aware of our cuisine and culture. I intend to sell the food I cook at home to share my memories with people through our food and culture.


About the Dish:

Ai-Khanoum is a dumpling like dish stuffed with beef and served with tomato sauce and yogurt sauce. 

Ai- Khanoum

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