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Kholoud's Story:

Kholoud immigrated from Alleppo, Syria to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, in 2016. She came with her three children and her husband. Kholoud's relatives are still in Syria. She recently received her citizenship and is considering spending the summer with her family. Because it's her family's favorite food and she likes to cook it, she decided to make kibbeh labanieh. Kholoud would want to work in a restaurant or from home.


About the Dish:

Kibbeh balls in yogurt are known as kibbeh labanieh. Think of unstuffed kibbeh balls served in a warm, tart dried mint yogurt sauce for the ultimate in Lebanese comfort cuisine. The dish known as kibbeh labanieh is unique and well-liked throughout Lebanon. When you break the preparation of kibbeh labanieh down into its component parts, it becomes rather simple and well worth the effort.

Kibbeh Labanieh

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