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Jamila's Story:

I'm a native of Afghanistan. I immigrated to the United States on March 8, 2022, as the Taliban have taken over my nation. I share a home with 11 family members. My siblings and parents are still in Afghanistan. Samosas are a popular food in my country, especially in my city, so that is why I decided to make this as my dish. Eating it brings back memories of the early years I spent cooking this food with my mother. Additionally, in our culture, we cook this food to show our appreciation and gratitude when we go to celebrations like weddings and birthday parties. I want to share it around so that others can take delight in and taste its greatest flavors. I am thinking of selling the meals I make at home.                                                        


About the Dish:

Samosa is a triangle shaped deep-fried pastry with a spiced filling made with onions and beef.


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