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Asmaa's Story:

Asmaa, who is 25 years old, immigrated from Syria to the United States in 2016. Along with her husband and four children, she moved to Pittsburgh. Due to the war, Asmaa and her family were forced to relocate. Here in the US, she gave birth to two children. Asmaa spends the most of her time in the kitchen since she enjoys cooking. Although she doesn't want to work, she likes to prepare different dishes for her family. After receiving her citizenship, Asmaa immediately traveled to Jordan to see her family. Due to the war, her family has also migrated from Syria to Jordan.


About the Dish:

In the larger Middle East, including Egypt, Iraq, and the Mediterranean, shawarma is a well-liked street snack. The meat is thinly sliced, heaped in a cone-like shape, then roasted on a slowly rotating vertical rotisserie for this dish. In addition to the traditional ingredients of lamb or sheep, you can also use chicken, turkey, beef, or calf. As it rotates continuously, the baked surface is shaved off in thin slices.


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