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Amirah's Story:

Amirah had to leave Egypt with her husband to the US in 2019, because her husband was able to sign a contract to work with a United States company on US territory. She has a boy and a girl both born in Egypt. Unfortunately, her entire family lives in Egypt, but after receiving her citizenship she was allowed to travel home this year. Amirah chose this dish because it is a famous dish known by the Egyptian people. It’s also a tourist favorite dish. she wishes to work with food in the future whether that’s to sell or open her own restaurant.


About the Dish:

The national cuisine of Egypt and a very well-liked street meal is Koshary. This dish is incredibly well-liked by workers and students, and it is perfect for large-scale catering events like gatherings. It can be made at home and is available all over Egypt at roadside stands and dining establishments; some focus solely on Koshary, while others offer it as one of many options. Koshary can be categorized as vegan because it is traditionally cooked without the use of any animal products, as long as all frying is done in vegetable oil..


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