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Amal's Story:

In 2016, Amal immigrated to the United States due to the Syrian conflict. Along with her husband, three boys, and one girl. Amal oldest son is 30 years old. Unfortunately, she still hasn’t taken her citizenship because she is struggling to learn English. Seeing her kids becoming adults and missing home. Amal is determined and is trying to focus on studying and getting that citizenship because she wants to visit Egypt and get her sons married there, where her family are living.


About the Dish:

Harrak Osbao a Syrian stew with a high protein content that is technically a thick soup, packed with flavor and wholesome ingredients, naturally vegan, and wonderfully nourishing. Being primarily made of pasta and lentils, it is a cheap dinner! It’s the perfect combination of sweet, sour, and savory flavors in this meal is what makes it so unique.

Harrak Osbao

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