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Maryam's Story:

Due of the fighting in Syria, Alua immigrated to the US in 2016. Alua is eager to see her relatives in her home country after receiving her citizenship. She prefers baking sweets over cooking. She therefore wants to work in the field of baking sweets from either home or restaurant sales.


About the Dish:

Warbat is the most incredible homemade ishta filled to the brim inside a flawlessly crisp filo dough that has been steeped in simple syrup. If you're unfamiliar with ishta, it's simply a thick clotted cream with a custard-like consistency. It's quite simple to make at home and is both rich and tasty. Personally, I enjoy including a can of ready ishta. Why, one could wonder. Because it is very thin and rich, it is preferable not to use the ready version.


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