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Weekly Update: Collaboration

This week we are continuing with our efforts to share with you the progress we are making and the assistance we continue to offer to the families we serve.

Collaboration was a big point of success for us this week as we managed to engage and work with others to advance several projects. We reached out to the YMCA and discussed we worked on building a relationship for the benefit of the Ansar Youth Group program. The Youth Group leadership continues with its regular meetings and this week’s meeting focused on planning the meeting schedule for the reboot of the program.

We are also pleased to announce that Ansar has joined the planning committee for this year’s May Day March: Celebrate Immigrants and Workers. We will continue to remain strong supporters for the empowerment of immigrants, and our participation in this event reflects this commitment.

Our regular distribution of items continues as well as our assistance to families in need. This week we are happy to have been of help to a family who required assistance with their utilities, car insurance, paperwork, and car maintenance. We have also began working together with a dealership in order to provide better financing for those families in need of transportation.

We want to thank you for your continued support and interest in our day to day activities, and we are glad to share with your our success stories.