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Weekly Update: Sharing our Progress.

We are proud of the work we are doing here at Ansar of Pittsburgh and this weekly blog is meant to share some of these highlights with you, our supporters, volunteers, and donors. The week of March 5th was a busy one for us and we managed to make progresses on several projects and programs we have been working on. We wish to preserve the anonymity of the families we are helping, but we are happy to share our progress.

The Ansar Youth Program leaders met this week to continue working on recruitment efforts, organization of activities, and planning for the kick off on Saturday, April 21th. Their work focused on finalizing the design of the recruitment fliers and their distribution methods. We are very excited to welcome new members into our program.

Another one of our groups, Ansar Youth Against Hunger, made another one of their food distributions to a homeless shelter. The food distribution, which was led by Hind and Ahmed, included bread, baked goods, and pastries.

We were able to assist five refugee families in the past week who requested aid for assistance with paperwork, filing of complaints, and acquisition of cars for work. We try to assist our refugee families with their paperwork by offering them guidance and interpretation services. We also understand the need for transportation for many of our families and this week we successfully advocated on their behalf with a car retailer.

One of our major focuses during this week was collecting funds for a family in need whose child is in the hospital. We are happy to say we successfully managed to collect enough to pay for their rent and utilities thanks to the generous donations of several people.

Wiam Younes, our CEO, met with five Syrian Kurdish families and offered Ansar’s assistance with their applications for green cards and I.D. renewal. This was a difficult time for these families as a recent attack in Syria come as an unexpected shock to these families. The meeting was both to offer assistance, but also to share the grief of the families and to show our support.

Thanks to your support we are able to continue to help these families and we are happy to provide this insight into our work.