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Weekly Update: May Day 2018

Ansar of Pittsburgh is proud to have been a part of the planning of May Day 2018: Celebrate Immigrants and Workers in Pittsburgh. May Day is a day to celebrate all worker’s rights, but especially those who have been overlooked or undervalued.

The planning process for this May Day march involved collaboration with over 20 different organizations who Ansar of Pittsburgh is honored to have had the opportunity to work with. Multiple committees came together over several months to organize an event that was attend by over 200 people. We worked hard to promote the event and to make sure that as many people could attend and be heard.

Several speakers were chosen to speak at this May Day march about their experiences some of whom were immigrants and refugees. OOne of these speakers was Aya Atal from Ansar’s very own Youth Group. She spoke of the problems faced by immigrants and refugees who come to the United States and their right to fair wages and a happy life. Her speech was very well received by those in attendance as many of them had undergone similar struggles in their own lives.

We will always strive to empower immigrant and refugee workers and ensure that they are given a voice.

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