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Programs & Services

Legal Clinic

One of our strongest programs is the legal clinic.  We provide immigration services and legal consultation. The legal clinic started in early 2018, assisting refugees to change their status from refugee to resident. We continued to take light immigration cases to early 2021.


In 2021 we assisted more than 57 individuals with their citizenship applications and two individuals applied for green cards and 5 individuals reapply for their work authorization. In addition, we saw a spike in legal consultation in 2021.


We'll continue to offer legal services in 2022. In addition, we provide classes to teach civics and citizenship questions. We have four teachers working in two locations and approximately 15-20 students.


We work diligently to advocate on behalf of our clients to preserve their rights at educational, government, and legal entities.

Migration Resettlement & Placement Services

ANSAR meets with each family/individual to understand the needs, set a plan to meet such needs.


We work with families resettled in Allegheny County to find affordable housing, provide furniture and household items, enroll families in health care services and assist refugee and immigrant families with rent, enrollment in public schools, and educational programs.

Employment & Small Business Development

ANSAR assists in finding employment for men and women in Allegheny County, building their resumes, help individuals with job applications and training.


We also assist in registering a new business and consultation on business management.

Social Services

ANSAR provides an array of social services to individuals residing in Western PA that include case management, medical enrollment and appointments, and family sponsorship. 

Cultural Orientation and Educational Services

ANSAR hosts small-group cultural orientation and educational sessions for refugee and immigrant families. We assist with college and job training applications.

Youth Empowerment

ANSAR hosts bi-monthly activities for youth and young adults. We provide volunteering opportunities, leadership training, education counseling, financial literacy, skill training.


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