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ANSAR of Pittsburgh provides a variety of services and tools to empower immigrants to fully integrate into their new communities. The services offered assist with housing, education, donations and much more.

Housing Applications

Finding a Place to Call Home

Allegheny County offers many opportunities for affordable housing. ANSAR of Pittsburgh provides proper guidance to locating and applying for these opportunities.

Modern Apartment Block

Green Card & Citizenship Applications

The Path to Becoming a U.S. Citizen

The path to becoming a Lawful Permanent Resident or a U.S. Citizen can seem like a difficult one, but ANSAR can connect you with the individuals necessary to make the dream a reality.

US government building

Job Training and Placement

Putting Your Best Foot Forward

Finding a job can be a daunting experience and ANSAR offers access to resources and individuals to help you effectively present your skills and experiences. ANSAR assists in connecting you to job and career training to enhance your opportunity in landing the desired job.  

Checking Text on a Document

College Applications

Empowering The Next Generation

ANSAR of Pittsburgh is dedicated to ensuring that young adults are given the tools and assistance necessary to take the next step in their educational future. Help is available to help guide future college applicants through the process.

College Campus

Interpretation & Translation

Building  Communication

In collaboration with the SANAD group, ANSAR of Pittsburgh offers its clients over the phone and in person interpreters. We also offer translation services for schools and centers serving our clients. Contact us to learn more.

Arabic Lessons

Social Services

Showing the Path

ANSAR of Pittsburgh collaborates with nonprofit organizations, local government entities and religious organizations to offer its clients needed social services. We handle light case management work and assist our clients with doctor's appointments and health care questions. We provide educational workshops to raise awareness on health care, social issues, policies and regulations.

Seniors Socializing


Meeting the Need

ANSAR of Pittsburgh collects donated household items and clothes for new immigrant families during the first six months of arrival. Additional household items may be distributed to families after six months of arrival should the need arise based on the family circumstances.

Wood Furniture



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