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Our Story

Bringing Communities Together

Ansar of Pittsburgh began in April 2016 as an effort to help a refugee family adjust to life in the United States.  By December 2016 Ansar of Pittsburgh was assisting 55 refugee families, welcoming each family with a food basket and household items. Our staff are all volunteers and our resources are based on community donations and the good will of community members.


Ansar was founded as a nonprofit organization in December, 2016. In April 2017 Ansar was providing services to over 61 refugee and immigrant families. Much of Ansar’s strength lies in its employees and volunteers who share a common background and experiences with the individuals they are trying to help. We have eight voluneering staff, five board members and more than fifteen volunteers working with our clients.  


We as an organization are driven by a desire to build a strong foundation of support and resources for immigrants to integrate and acclimate successfully to their new social roles. We run various programs that range from educational services, social services, events, cultural awareness, immigration services, financial assistance and career development. We strive to promote an understanding and tolerance of cultural differences to the mutual benefit and empowerment of immigrants and their communities.